Mini Washi Origami Paper

Mini washi origami paper is origami paper which is only 3" x 3" square, rather than the standard 6" x 6" square. You can see the relative difference in size this creates in the below image.

Mini Origami Cranes The pink origami crane on the left is a standard 6" x 6" square of paper crane. The six smaller cranes to the right are made from the mini origami paper, sized 3" x 3".

Please note that I cannot just cut normal origami paper down to this 3" x 3" size. I have to purchase it pre-cut in 3" x 3" squares, so that the square is precise. It is very important to have a perfect square when you are folding origami! Therefore, any mini origami shapes you request must come from one of the below pattern sets.

The below patterned papers are all in 3" x 3" squares.

Red Mini Origami Paper Red Mini Origami Paper
Red is the color of passion, of strong, powerful love. Red is the rose.
Pink Mini Origami Paper Pink Mini Origami Paper
Pink represents happiness, tenderness, best friends and sweethearts. Pink is the fresh blush on a maiden's cheeks.
Orange Mini Origami Paper Orange Mini Origami Paper
Orange is a rich color of enthusiasm and energy. Orange is the lush autumn foliage and the warmth of a fire
Yellow Mini Origami Paper Yellow Mini Origami Paper
Yellow stands for freedom and joy, for creativity. Yellow is the bright welcome of sunshine.
Green Mini Origami Paper Green Mini Origami Paper
Green stands for freshness, vitality, harmony and healing. Green is the green of meadows and deep green forests.
Blue Mini Origami Paper Blue Mini Origami Paper
Blue represents truth, honor, loyalty and steadfastness. Blue is the color of the sea and sky.
Purple Mini Origami Paper Purple Mini Origami Paper
Purple is the traditional color of nobility and courtly love. This is the color of knights and maidens, of princes and princesses. Amethyst is the stone for birthdays and anniversaries in February.
Black Mini Origami Paper Black Mini Origami Paper
Black is a classic formal color, the color of black tie dinners and tuxedos. It is the color of strength.

Mini Origami Crane Photos

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