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Red Origami Flower Bouquet

For thousands of years red has been the color of love, passion, adoration, and romance. Studies show that men who see photos of women in red frames think those women are more attractive. Red is also the color of energy and power. It represents confidence and persistence.

Bring the color red into your own world! Red flowers are perfect for gift-giving and anniversary presents.

I have several shades of red and crimson in my paper collection, so if you are looking for a specific match for a wedding, engagement, or party, let me know and I can send you photos of what washi paper I have available.

Red origami flowers come in two styles. The first style has straight petals, and is the "iris" style of flower.

red origami iris flower

The flowers can also come with curved petals, which is a "lily" style of flower.

red origami iris flower

Here is an iris style red origami flower bouquet done for a Christmas present -

red origami iris flower

This red bouquet is done in lily style.

red origami flowers

Yet more in a lily style.

red origami flowers

These next red origami flowers are in straight-edged iris style.

red origami flowers

And more in an iris style.

red origami flowers

This pair of red origami iris are done with patterned red paper, rather than solid red paper. One pattern is red with white flowers, while the other pattern is red with white dots.

red origami flowers

Price per red origami flower: $3.00

These origami flowers can be made both in the straight petal style of the iris, as well as the curved petal style of the lily.

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