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Bouquet of Flower Origami

Origami flowers are the perfect present and decorating option. They never wilt or fade - their beauty is eternal. You can match the floral colors to the season, to a room's color theme, to feng shui meanings, or to anything else that strikes your fancy! Here is a collection of photos of origami flower bouquets, for your viewing pleasure!

White Origami Flowers
White represents the hope for the future, a fresh start, innocence and purity. White has been the traditional color for brides since the Victorian era. In many cultures white represents a joyous eternity.
White Origami Flower Photos

Red Origami Flowers
Red is the traditional color for roses and Valentine's Day. Red represents strong love, passion and desire. Studies show that a woman in a red dress becomes a focal point in a room! This is a very powerful color.
Red Origami Flower Photos

Pink Origami Flowers
Pink represents happiness, tenderness, best friends and sweethearts. Pink is the fresh blush on a maiden's cheeks.
Pink Origami Flower Photos

Orange Origami Flowers
Orange is a rich color of enthusiasm and energy. Orange is the lush autumn foliage and the warmth of a fire.
Orange Origami Flower Photos

Yellow Origami Flowers
Yellow stands for freedom and joy. Yellow is the perfect color to spur creativity - to celebrate the beginning of a new project or the complettion of a successful one. Yellow is the bright welcome of sunshine.
Yellow Origami Flower Photos

Green Origami Flowers
Green is the traditional color of healing - it represents living things growing healthily and with strength. It is the color of harmony and finding balance. Green is the color of luck and wealth. It is of course the modern color for St. Patrick's Day! It is the color of grassy meadows and lush forests.
Green Origami Flower Photos

Blue Origami Flowers
Blue represents honor and faith. A trustworthy friend or lover is "true blue". Blue is also the color of meaningful spirituality. It represents a bond of the spirit. In traditional celtic times, blue was the color of Ireland. It is the color of the sea and of the open sky.
Blue Origami Flower Photos

Purple Origami Flowers
In the times of princes and princesses, purple was the color reserved for royalty. It was the color of courtly love, of romantic tradition. Purple represents the noblest of affections, the most enduring of loves. It can also represent the bonds of true friendship.
Purple Origami Flower Photos

Rainbow Origami Flowers
A rainbow symbolizes the fulfilment of dreams and achieving of goals. The rainbow origami flower bouquet contains flowers in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet - as well as a white flower at the center.
Rainbow Origami Flower Photos

Mixed Origami Flowers
With a mixed collection of colors in your origami flower bouquet you can send exactly the combination of emotions that you feel - or match any home decor theme! For example, White and Red represent Unity, Standing Together
Mixed Origami Flower Photos

Metallic Foil Origami Flowers
Metallic foil origami flowers bring a sparkle and shine into your bouquet. They let you mix in the colors of silver and gold, both treasured for thousands of years and representative of loyalty and faith.
Metallic Foil Origami Flower Photos

Textured Paper Origami Flowers

Single Flower - The Recipient is Special and Unique. This is sometimes represented in the gift of a single flower. It is also represented in a bouquet where all of the bouquet is one color, but a single blossom stands out with a different color.

Without Thorns - The relationship is based on trust and closeness. Origami Flowers are perfect in this regard!

Everlasting Flowers - Origami flowers represent a relationship that will last the ages, long after other flowers have wilted and died.

Price per origami flower: $3.00

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