Literature Origami Cranes
Books can connect with us in a powerful way that few other art forms can. Bring your favorite book to life with these hand-crafted origami cranes! The crane is literally made with the words of your favorite novel, poem, webpage, or other written material.

Do you adore Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen? Enjoy a set of cranes with her beautiful words as the base. How about Emily Dickinson's poetry? Your cranes can feature that material.

Note that for copyright reasons the book or material you choose must either be out of copyright or you must be the owner. I could not, for example, sell cranes that had Harry Potter content on them.

I print the material out on thin paper, hand cut it down to six inch square, and then hand paint that paper with watercolors in whatever color you wish. In this example, the cranes were made with pearlescent blue and pearlescent pink.

Bring your written world to life!

Origami Literature Literary Cranes

Origami Literature Literary Cranes

Price per literature-based origami crane: $10.00
Price per beaded-hooked-for-hanging literature-based origami crane: $11.00

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