Origami Crane Cards

Origami crane cards are beautiful ways to send thank-you notes, Christmas cards, Birthday cards, even wedding invitations! You can customize the color used for the cardstock as well as the color of the origami shape used for the front. Every origami creation is hand folded by me and then glued onto the front of the card stock.

Here is an example done with white card stock and a pink patterned crane.

origami crane card

A gold crane represents long life and loyalty.

Origami Crane Card

White cranes represent purity, a fresh beginning, a spiritual joy.

Origami Crane Card

Purple represents spirituality.

origami card

In addition, I can work with you if you want a message pre-printed on the card. For example, I could pre-print "PEACE" at the bottom of the front of each card, to go with an origami crane.

Because of the high level of customization on cards, please contact me for a quote based on your needs!

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