If there's a stone with a rich history, it is jade. Jade has been loved by the Chinese for thousands of years. Many incredibly intricate artifacts of Chinese history are carved in Jade. Interestingly, because of its strength, jade was often used to create weapons and armor out of, before mankind learned how to create bronze. A Chinese proverb said, "Gold has a price - but jade does not."

Jade The Taoist religion believes that a Jade Emperor created mankind out of clay. Unfortunately, when he was done, he left man out in the sun to dry. It began to rain, which is why we are not perfect as we were first created.

Jade is a symbol of long life, long love, health and honor.

Jade is the birthstone for March and celebrates all anniversaries in March. It is also associated with the astrological sign of Virgo. It is associated with the 12th, 30th and 35th anniversary.

Jade can actually be two different but closely related minerals - nephrite and jadeite. Both are types of silicate; nephrite is calcium and magnesium, while jadeite is sodium and aluminum. They come from China of course, as well as Russia, South America, Central America and Mexico.

The most expensive type of jade is "Chinese Jade" (jadeite). This is the type of jade I use in my origami.

Textured crane origami

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