Amethyst stones were known to the early Greeks. In their mythology, Dionysus was the god of wine. One night he went on a rampage and was going to kill an innocent, beautiful maiden - Amethyst. Artemis, the goddes off the hunt, intervened to save Amethyst, turning her into white stone. When Dionysus realized what he'd almost done, he poured wine on the stone, turning it a beautiful shade of purple.

Amethyst Amethyst is said to have many properties. It can help protect you from drunkenness if you enjoy wine or Champagne. It inspires faithfulness and luck. It helps promote intelligence.

Royalty in europe would wear purple clothes, which would be highlighted with amethyst gems. This is the gemstone for birthdays and anniversaries in February.

Amethyst is most commonly sourced from Brazil, Mexico, Africa, Uruguay, Russia, and can also be found in the US and Canada. Amethyst is a quartz stone - the purple color comes from manganese and iron.

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