Baby Cart Series - Lone Wolf and Cub

First there were the comic books, Lone Wolf & Cub, which covered the adventures of a samurai and his child as they do good and trek across the landscape. Then they became a series of movies and an instant cult classic. A set of these movies are named the 'Baby Cart series' for obvious reasons. I get a lot of questions about this particular set of movies, so here they are!

Sword Of Vengeance (1972) D: Kenji Misumi
This is the first movie in the cult "Baby Cart" series. It traces the travels of a lone samurai, Ogami Itto, who pushes his baby around in a baby cart with him. In this first movie he has been betrayed by Yagyu and must deal with the traitors. The series is based on the comic book series Lone Wolf and Cub.

Baby Cart at River Styx (1972) D: Kenji Misumi
Second in the Baby Cart series featuring samurai Ogami Itto and his little son. In this one, Ogami's enemy, Yagyu Retsudo, sends a band of female ninja against the samurai. Ogami also faces three traitors known as "The Gods of Death".

Baby Cart to Hades (1972) D: Kenji Misumi
Third in the Baby Cart series featuring samurai Ogami Itto and his little son. Ogami resists torture to save an innocent girl, and is then hired to kill a corrupt governor. Much death ensues.

Baby Cart in Peril (1972)
Ogami takes on a job to kill Oyuki, a tattooed martial artist female. Ogami also runs into the person whom he beat out for his original position as Chief Executioner, Gunbei, and has a duel with him.

Baby Cart in the Land of Demons (1972) D: Kenji Misumi
Fifth in the Baby Cart series featuring samurai Ogami Itto and his little son. Ogami must fight five samurai and get information from each one. Then he must kill an insane daimyo.

White Heaven in Hell (1973) D: Kenji Misumi
Final movie in the Baby Cart series featuring samurai Ogami Itto and his little son. Ogami and his arch enemy Yagyu Retsudo have their final showdown, and it's not pretty.

There were also two 'compilation' films made for the US audience which give more back story.

Shogun Assassin (Japan/US: 1980) 86m D: Kenji Misumi
Coherent film brilliantly edited from first 2 features in 6 part Japanese "Sword of Vengeance" series about warrior who travels countryside pushing his young son in a baby cart, stopping only to get involved in an inordinate amount of combat. This English-dubbed version, narrated by the child, is an absolutely stunning visual ballet of fighting and bloodletting. Edited from prequel to LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH.

Lightning Swords of Death (1971) 83m D: Kenji Misumi
Discredited samurai roams medieval Japan pushing young son in baby cart in this edited entry from SWORD OF VENGEANCE series. Unending action, beautifully staged fights, climactic battle. Very bloody.

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