Japanese Culture Article Listing

I wrote many articles over the many years that the Feudal Japan newsletter - Bushido - was put out. Here are a collection of them! Bushido Issue Listing

Shogun - James Clavell
Shogun Plot - Part 1
Shogun Plot - Part 2
Shogun Plot - Part 3
Shogun Plot - Part 4
Shogun Plot - Part 5
Shogun Plot - Part 6
The Last Samurai - Tom Cruise

Prehistory to 552
Nara - 552 to 794
Heian - 794 to 1185
Kamakura - 1185 to 1336
Ashikaga - 1336 to 1550
Feudal - 1550 to 1600
.. Oda Nobunaga
.. Toyotomi Hideyoshi
.. Ieyasu Tokugawa
Tokugawa - 1600 to 1863
A History of Edo / Tokyo
The Meiji Restoration - The Emperor in Japan
Emperor Meiji and the Meiji Restoration
Commodore Perry in Tokyo Japan

Samurai and Combat
Early Japanese Armour
Bow Weapons in Japan
Bushido - Way of the Warrior
Tokugawa Ieyasu - Last Feudal Samurai
Tomoe Gozen - Female Samurai
Takamori Saigo - the REAL Last Samurai

Bonsai - Miniature Japanese Plants
Dolls in feudal Japan
Geisha - Artists and Entertainers
Geisha Halloween Costume
Homes and Furniture
Kabuki - Japanese Theater
Kanji - Japanese Writing System
Literature and Poetry
Merchants in feudal Japan
Pottery Styles
Rank and Caste System
Religion - Shinto, Buddhism, Zen Buddhism
Sake - Rice Wine
Tea Ceremony
Ukiyo-E - pictures of the floating world
Zen Buddhism and Sand Gardens

March 3 - Girl's Day
May 5 - Boy's Day
December 23 - Japanese Emperor Birthday

Gold Origami Crane Desktop Background
Glossary of Japanese Terms

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