Port Orleans / Riverside

I seriously looked into staying at the Port Orleans / Riverside complex for one of my trips to Disney. The main reason we didn't stay there was that they sold out. However, in retrospect I'm glad I went with the $99 Grosvenor vs the $135/night Port Orleans complex.

There are two halves of this hotel area, all stretched out along a river. They are very pretty - mansions and buildings with little streets in between them. The area is HUGE; there is a lot of walking involved in getting from the main hotel building or any restaurant to your room. If you've been walking around a park all day long, this is something to consider.

I originally liked the boat ferry that goes back and forth to Downtown Disney - however I have heard from several people that the boats go every 1/2 hour and take 25 minutes for the trip. So you could spend an hour getting to that area for the food you are starving for. Yes, there are 2 restaurants in each half of this complex, but they are all casual dining restaurants. If you're looking for much, or better food, you have to make the trek.

This could be a good spot if you're looking for a romantic location where you can stroll at moonlight along the river, or take leisurely ferry rides. Just make sure that you have the expectation that your immediate environment there will be where you spend a lot of your time - and not that you'll try to "quickly" get to other locations in the park complex.

Slideshow of Port Orleans Resort Photos taken by me

Hotel Facts
Price: $135
Food: 2 casual restaurants
Pools: several pools
Internet: per-hour pay
Location: ferry ride to Downtown Disney

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