Animal Kingdom Lodge

All I can say is if you can afford to go here - MAKE THE RESERVATIONS!! This lodge is simply fantastic. The lobby is huge, four stories tall. Not only is it gorgeous, but it overlooks its OWN PRIVATE WILDLIFE RESERVE. That's right, there are animals all around this resort which are completely separate from the actual Animal Kingdom park. You can see the giraffes and other animals from the lobby area - from other outlooks - and FROM YOUR BALCONIES. You can wake up at any hour of the day or night and see zebras, giraffes, you name it. It is simply an animal lover's dream come true.

Not only that, but the two restaurants here are phenomonal. Boma has a rotating buffet with tons of authentic food - as well as "US food" for people who want a safe back-up plan. Really, though, African food isn't scary at all. Much of it is mild, or simple. There are lots of veggies, lots of grains, lots of meats. Something for everyone, really. We ate here twice when we were in Disney, because it was so good.

The fancy restaurant here, Jiko, has incredible wine lists from South Africa, which is an awesome up-and-coming wine region. You could easily eat there every night and be quite pleased. They have an attached small lounge, Capetown, which has access to the same great wine list. I'll note the "lounge" really only means they have 4 tables in a waiting area :)

Did I mention the animals? In your back yard? All 'free' and included with the price of your room?

I realize it's expensive. But heck, look at the zoo admission daily charges. You could just sit on your balcony all day, with your binoculars, and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. And of course take a dip in the pool occasionally to cool off :)

Highly, highly recommended. The only caveat I have is that it's expensive.

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Hotel Facts
Price: $300
Food: 2 restaurants
Pools: great pools plus jacuzzi
Internet: pay for it
Location: near Animal Kingdom

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