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I seriously looked into staying at the All Star Hotels. They are, after all, the cheapest "real Disney" hotels you can stay at in the complex. I figured at the time that it was worth it to get the Disney Express and extra hours. If you read my Official Disney vs Non-Disney Hotels comparison, you'll see why that is not necessarily the best of ideas.

I read a ton of reviews about the All Star complex. There are three hotels in this block - one about music, one about sports, and one about movies. They all have pretty chintzy pools and NO restaurants at all, just a food court. Also, the set of hotels is miles away from anything else. If you want to go to a park, or to get any "real" food, or just to walk around and see the sights for free, you have to take a bus. It can take 1/2 hr for a bus to show up, then another hour to get to your destination. You are out in the rural hinterlands.

I also read many reviews that - because these are cheap - lots of school trips go here. This means that it is loud and roudy, because school trips are often not very well chaperoned. Of course some are - but some aren't. If you are exhausted after a long day of park visiting and really need a good night's sleep to face another day, you might not appreciate screaming and yelling all night long from the room next door.

I really suggest that you check out the other hotels in the park complex that are non-Disney before deciding on this one. You can easily find that you spend less money elsewhere, even including the shuttle fee you pay. I know that after the reviews and descriptions I went through on this set, we decided even if it was rough on our budget we would pay more NOT to stay here. As it turned out, we got far better rooms, at the same price, plus got a free breakfast and walking distance to Downtown Disney by going to the Grosvenor instead.

Hotel Facts
Price: $99
Food: food court only
Pools: basic pool
Internet: per-hour pay
Location: far far away from everything

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