The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas 2005

Out of the many travel books for Las Vegas that I own, this is one of the biggest. That's not to say that it's too big to bring with you! It's just that, at 472 pages, this provides by far the most information on the Las Vegas destination. It covers far more hotels, restaurants, golf courses, spas, etc. than any other book I have.

I love the charts in this book. One chart shows you every hotel in the area with the type of food, entertainment, pool, exercise room, etc. that they have. You can quickly scan and see which ones meet your needs. They've got reviews of the various nightclubs, describing what they are like in rather good detail. The reviews aren't about "everyone should go here!" They clearly lay out who would enjoy, and who would not enjoy, the particular atmosphere.

There are general restaurant reviews, plus a few "best of" if you're seeking a particular kind of food. The reviews of the shows are really good, and give you a great sense of what is good and not-so-good about each one.

If there's a downside with this book, it's that it focusses ONLY on Vegas - it doesn't go into the surrounding areas very much. But heck, the book is almost 500 pages long!! It does incredible justice to the city and really tells you everything you could want to know about enjoying your time there. If you want a book on other areas, go ahead and buy one. But if you want a book on Vegas itself, this is going to give you what you seek.

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