Lonely Planet Las Vegas

This is one of the smaller books I own on Vegas, which makes it perfect for toting in a pocketbook or backpack. It has some great photographs in it, and the tabbed format makes it easy to skim through and find what you're looking for. Of course, because it's on the slim side, this does NOT have thorough information on all of the hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc. that can be found in Vegas. So keep that in mind.

This is great to carry with you as you wander around Vegas. It has the numbers of cab companies. It has the highlights of each casino so you can know what to look for. It has notes on restaurants, in case you don't have a particular one in mind and find yourself hungry. Most of the information is pretty generic - hours of operation, dress guidelines, quick descriptions. This isn't a massive tome. It's a pocket book. It gives you what you need to get where you're going.

While I have other Vegas books that are invaluable for actually choosing hotels and main restaurants, they are too big to actually carry with me on the strip. This book fills in that great niche, to have a reference guide with you as you go walking, to make decisions as you go.

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