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There are certain areas of the world that I just feel wonderfully happy in, and try to return to often. They all seem to involve islands and ocean. Since I spend a lot of time researching and exploring hotels in these areas, I thought it might help others to put my notes about hotels and restaurants on the web!

Florida Keys Hotels and Restaurants
I love the Florida Keys and have been there many times. It's laid back, with gorgeous wildlife, plus fishing, water sports and a tropical atmosphere. Don't look for large beaches! The water is so calm here that there simply aren't many beach areas.

Las Vegas Hotels and Restaurants
The true playground for adults! Whether you're looking for super-bargain-basement rooms, or if you want to explore the glitz and glamour of the high life, Las Vegas has something for you.

Orlando Florida / Walt Disney World Hotels and Restaurants
Orlando is incredibly family friendly, with something for everyone! There are movie themes, rides, world cultures and much more. Walt Disney World is the center of this amazing set of attractions.

Nantucket Hotels and Restaurants
I love Nantucket Island. It's quiet, peaceful, with grey houses and seafaring history.

Hartford CT Hotels and Restaurants
Hartford Connecticut has a number of lovely restaurants, and great shows as well!

Newport Hotels and Restaurants
Mansions of the rich and famous, plus a boating mecca.

Vineyard Hotels and Restaurants
Martha's Vineyard has gingerbread cottages, Jaws, famous singers and a great seaside lifestyle.

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