Return of the Musketeers - Oliver Reed

Return of the Musketeers
Filmed in 1989, this movie is based on the Alexandre Dumas book "Twenty Years After". As the title might suggest, this book takes place 20 years after the events in the original books. The characters mention this every 5 minutes in case you've forgotten it :) The original cast is gathered together again!

You've got Oliver Reed as Athos, Richard Chamberlain as Aramis, Frank Finlay as Porthos and of course Michael York as D'Artagnan, the annoying Gascon :). Christopher Lee is there as the enemy and the gorgeous Geraldine Chaplin looks barely a day older in the role of the Queen.

The general story is that Aramis has gone into a church, Porthos has become a wealthy landowner, and Athos has adopted a son (C. Thomas Howell) and settled down. D'Artagnan is still poor and trying to get work, and gets roped into trying to capture an escaped prisoner. It gets him involved with the other characters as they work out what to do.

Lots of slapstick - especially the long, clumsy intro sequence with Planchet which lasts a good 10 minutes or so. Since it was his last movie I guess you can't complain overly much, though. Roy Kinnear, who played Planchet the servant, was killed in an accident during the movie. The movie was then dedicated to him.

Other than that, you've got Kim Cattrall (of Sex in the City fame) in the role of the daughter of M'Lady. She is certainly beautiful but is played as a straight evil-viper character with not many brains (and not exactly the best swordswomen either).

It was great to see Oliver Reed and the old crew, but the script was sort of lacking. One I'm glad to own but not one I tend to rewatch a great deal. Also note this is currently available only on VHS.

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