BBC Series Robin Hood

I simply adore the BBC series about Robin Hood, which took place in the 1980s. The series starred Michael Praed and featured Judi Trott as Marion, and Nickolas Grace as the Sherrif of Nottingham. The writing here was superb and the costuming was of course quite nice too. Music was supplied by Clannad who created the perfect atmosphere for the series.

This Robin Hood was a very "pagan" man, with direct roots to Herne the Hunter. He was on a sacred quest to protect the sword of Albion and to keep the people of England safe from the Norman invaders. There is a lot more depth here than you find in typical Robin Hood series stories.

I admit that once it turned into a blonde robin hood, and "things went on as before", it bothered me!

Dark Haired Robin - Michael Praed
Episode 1 + 2 - Robin Hood and the Sorcerer
Episode 3 - The Witch of Elsdon
Episode 4 - Seven Poor Knights from Acre
Episode 5 - Alan A Dale
Episode 6 - The King's Fool

Series 2
Episode 7 - The Prophecy
Episode 8 - Lord of the Trees
Episode 9 - The Children of Israel
Episode 10 - The Enchantment
Episode 11 + 12 - The Swords of Wayland
Episode 13 - The Greatest Enemy

Blonde Robin - Jason Connery
Episode 14 + 15 - Herne's Son
Episode 16 - The Power of Albion
Episode 17 - The Inheritance
Episode 18 - The Sheriff of Nottingham
Episode 19 - The Cross of St. Ciricus
Episode 20 - Cromm Cruac
Episode 21 - The Betrayal
Episode 22 - Adam Bell
Episode 23 - The Pretender
Episode 24 - Rutterkin
Episode 25 + 26 - The Time of the Wolf

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