The Legend of Robin Hood

Robin Hood legends have been around for centuries, about a bandit who lives in Sherwood Forest, loves the Maid Marion, and has fun-loving fights with the Sheriff of Nottinghamn. Other key figures in the tale are:

Guy of Gisburne - the helper of the Sheriff
Friar Tuck - loyal religious helper
Little John - the gentle giant
Will Scarlett - the grumpy one in the band of merry men

In general the basics are that Robin Hood steals from the rich, gives to the poor. How he does this is the basis for thousands of different tales.

The legend is set in the days after the Norman invasion, when the "evil Normans" from mainland France have come in and taken over the English lands. The poor English peasasnts are forced to work hard and give up all of their food and earnings to the Norman overlords. Part of these tales include the "Good King Richard" who is off doing the crusades. You of course have to ask yourself just how good this King was, if he abandoned his people to starvation and ruin while he went tramping around foreign lands :)

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