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Las Vegas is of course the home of gambling. Back in 1949, an amazing match was staged between Nick the Greek and Johnny Moss. The two played poker for 5 months non-stop, only taking breaks to sleep. After 5 months, Johnny Moss won. Nick said only "Mr. Moss, I have to let you go," and went up for some much needed real sleep. Johnny Moss was 2 million dollars richer.

It was many years, in 1970, when the event was recreated. The "World Series of Poker" was born, to challenge the very best poker players to a marathon of poker playing. Again, Johnny Moss won the prize.

Moss won again in 1971, but in 1972, Amarillo Slim won. He went around on radio shows, and the idea became instantly popular. As poker became more popular, more and more people entered. There were 52 people in 1982 ... and 7,595 in 2002. In current years, the show is one of the most popular on TV!

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Texas Holdem Poker Information

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