Ibanez EW Acoustic Guitar

Throughout my teens and twenties I had a craving to learn how to play acoustic guitar. When I was 26 I moved in with my boyfriend, who is a talented musician. Every time I picked up one of my boyfriend's steel stringed guitars it would maim my fingers so badly that I wouldn't try again for months.

Finally I convinced him to help me find my own nylon stringed guitar to learn on. Here it is! I bought this Ibanez EW guitar on eBay and I love it. I definitely recommend Spotlight Music, the place I bought the guitar from.

I love the wood on this. it is bubinga with a rosewood bridge and fretboard. My boyfriend has several Alembic basses so I have been spoiled with nice woodwork on guitars.

I've had the guitar for a number of years and adore it.

Ibanez Guitar

Here's the full set of images:

Ibanez Guitar

The actual model is a EW model - the EWN28BGENT from Ibanez. Ibanez no longer offers this guitar in bubinga.

I restrung it with the D'Addario ProArte EJ45s.

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