MP3 and Music -
Reviews, Tips, Help and Information

I've loved digital music since CDs first came out. When you could load MP3 files onto your computer, I loved the freedom of having my entire music collection easily accessible, to make playlists, random shuffles, and more! Here are my reviews of MP3 and music systems.

Music Format Types
Learn about MP3, WMA, OggVorbis, Sonique and many other formats. Get actual audio comparisons of the formats and of different bitrate files, to learn what the differences are.

Music Hardware Reviews
Get reviews on a variety of MP3 players, as well as instructions for converting your old cassette and album songs to MP3 formats.

iTunes / iPod Tips and Information
iTunes and the iPod players have taken the world by storm. Learn more about these systems and how to use them to truly enjoy your music collection.

Internet Radio Tips and Information
There are thousands of radio stations on the web for you to listen to for free, if you just take the steps to find them. Learn how to create your very own radio station!

Lisa Shea Music / CD Reviews
From the soundtracks that I love to classic rock and modern drone, get in depth CD reviews of the music I really enjoy.

Music Software Reviews
Reviews of online audio systems such as napster and kazaa, as well as reviews of playing software such as musicmatch, shoutcast, roxio, winamp and more.

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