Star Wars Models and Figures

I grew up absolutely in love with the Star Wars series. I saw the initial Star Wars at least 10 times while it was in theaters, going back again and again to immerse myself in the universe. The down and dirty life, the Zen philosophy, the idea that you could seek calm from within and channel your energy, it was liquid gold to me. As the subsequent movies came out I remained hooked to this universe.

Over the years I have collected models and figures based on the Star Wars universe. Here are just a few!

B-Wing Model B-Wing Model
The b-wing model of spaceship was a heavy fighter for the Rebel Alliance and was used in the Battle of Endor, amongst other locations. The side "wings" of the cross can fold up and down.

Bespin Cloud Car Bespin Cloud Car
The Bespin Cloud Car was seen in the Empire Strikes Back as Han and Leia go down to meet Lando at Bespin, his city in the clouds. These cars are orange and have a pair of pods on either side of the engine.

Battle Droid Battle Droid
The Battle Droids were a famous (infamous) part of the "new" trilogy of movies. This battle droid is riding on a hovering Segue style unit :)

X-Wing Model X-Wing Model
Who can forget the classic X-Wing! Luke riding down the trench at the Death Star, waiting for the perfect moment to blow it to smithereens! I must have played that scene millions of times in various video games.

Hoth Model Hoth Model
This full model "set" is of the battle at Hoth, where the Imperials in their cool snow-suits come not to make snow angels but to rain fiery death on the poor rebels. It even features some "destroyed" attackers, to show how the rebels are valiantly holding their position.

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