The Black Adder 4 - Rowan Atkinson

It's funny how different people have different impressions of the same show. I adore Black Adder 2 and 3 because they have a historical basis but are side-splittingly funny with amazing dialogue. I enjoy Black Adder 4 - but it's tempered because there is an extremely strong anti-war message which makes the entire show almost depressing.

This show is set in World War 1, and Black Adder is now a man trying desperately NOT to go over the wall of his bunker and be slain by the Germans. Hugh Laurie from House is at his side as the clueless George, and Baldrick is there as always as his trusty but dimwitted servant.

Really, the primary jist of this entire show is that Black Adder's clueless superiors keep trying to get him to go die in battle, and Black Adder wants to stay alive. There are other momentary diversions - putting on a play, doing a painting, but wanting to stay alive is the key aim.

I love the dialogue as always. I love the characters and how they integrate so many tiny bits of history which make the scenes that much more fun. It's sort of like watching M*A*S*H. It is funny, but there is the heavy influence of death and depression there that press in on it.

While I did watch this DVD once and enjoyed it, it's seasons 2 and 3 that I rewatch numerous times when I want to have fun and enjoy myself. Depending on your personality, you might either feel the same way or really treasure 4 for its real-earth grounding.

Well recommended.

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