The Black Adder 3 - Rowan Atkinson

Black Adder has now moved into one of the eras I love the most - the early 1800s, the days of Jane Austen and Pride & Prejudice. Edmund Blackadder is now a helper of the Prince Regent, played hilariously by Hugh Laurie of House fame. Watching Rowan Atkinson interact with Hugh Laurie is just priceless, never mind having Baldrick in the mix too adding his own commentary.

Sense & Senility is probably my favorite of this mix, with the overly self-loving pair of actors who come into the world. Rowan torments them incessantly by saying "MacBeth" which is a superstitious jinx to actors. The others are great as well, from the Scarlet Pimpernel style activities to the dueling at dawn.

There are just so many tiny moments in these show that make them special. The way Rowan rolls his eyes at Hugh, the way Baldrick is blissfully unaware of how he has just destroyed Rowan's life (yet again).

Highly recommended!

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