The Black Adder 2 - Rowan Atkinson

If Black Adder 1 was funny, then Black Adder 2 is simply hilarious. The time is now moved forward into Elizabethan times, with Queen Bess being the spoiled queen. Black Adder is a man of the court, trying to move up in the world, sometimes just trying to keep his head on his shoulders. He has numerous schemes to get through life, usually foiled by his pal Percy and his less-than-helpful servant Baldrick.

There are just so many incredibly funny moments in this DVD that it's hard to list them all. I really loved "Beer" with the turnips and the drinking songs. Chains is great as well. You get to see Hugh Laurie from House fame in here, and he comes into subsequent DVDs as well. His acting alone is well worth getting the DVD, never mind the fantastic fun of Rowan's lines.

The costumes are beautiful, the interplay of characters is just great. There are tons of subtle looks, of small movements that really add so much to the story. If you know something about actual Elizabethan history it adds even more to what they're doing, because of the way they phrase things or refer to historical moments.

Highly recommended!

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