The Black Adder 1 - Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson began the Black Adder series set in medieval days, with Edmund Blackadder being a man of few morals and high ambitions. He's heir to the Duke of York and has to deal with a bumbling servant Baldrick as well as the less-than-helpful Percy. Both of these characters follow him through pretty much the entire series.

I find the series to be *incredibly* funny, but there is definitely a difference between what many Americans find to be funny and what British find to be funny. I love British humor. It is often very dry and cynical, and also a lot of times you have to have some education / background to understand it. That is, if you actually know something about British history you'll pick up on a ton of superbly funny in-jokes that might otherwise pass you by.

For example, in one of the episodes a general comment is made about a person being better off dead, and two Knights Templar decide that they should race right off and kill the person. This is based on an actual situation in English history. There are witches cackling around cauldrons giving out messages, another staple in English drama.

Yes, a few of the jokes go towards the slapstick kind of silly versus the more erudite kind. There is something for everyone.

Highly recommend for anyone who loves British comedy!

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