EZine Tips and Techniques

Hi! My name is Lisa, and I've been on the 'net' since the 70s, using it to communicate with people. Even as hugely graphic webpages with sound and video have come along, there's always been that basic layer of communication - the email message. It's proactive, it delivers important information without any effort, and if well designed, it can be far more 'reaching' than any web page. People save their important email messages, they forward them to friends, they print them out.

Here are some techniques I've learned over the years to make a newsletter really interesting to your visitors. You want your EZines to be the type that are savored and forwarded, that are found to be of real value.

Come on in and learn!

The EZine On Line Course
EZines - The Basics
Using HTML or Avoiding HTML
Opt-In or Opt-Out
Making your EZine Forwardable
Choosing a Subject Line
Use of Quotes

The Hall of Shame
Sometimes EZines just cross that line into truly atrocious. It can almost be laughable until you realize someone put time and effort into a mailing that probably upset or annoyed most of its customers. An effort like this is proactively hurting their company, not helping! Here are some examples of what to avoid!

A newsletter for the 'sexually abused' from lifetips.com, complete with sex ads

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