Doctor Wellington Yueh
Frank Herbert's Dune

Doctor Wellington Yueh is trained in the Suk way, meaning he is conditioned not to be able to harm his family. That conditioning is indicated on him by a diamond tattoo on his forehead. He has been with the Atreides family for six years.

Dr. Yueh is stick-thin and has long, black hair worn in a "Suk School" silver ring on his left shoulder. He also has a drooping moustache. Paul says he speaks with a "calm, high-pitched voice."

On Arrakis, Jessica thinks, "He looked, from behind, like a fleshless stick figure in overlarge black clothing, a caricature poised for stringy movement at the direction of a puppet master. Only the squarish block of head with long ebony hair caught in its silver Suk School ring at the shouler seemed alive - turning slightly to follow some movement outside."

Dr. Yueh's Suk conditioning is broken by the Harkonnens, who convince him that they are torturing his true love, Wanna, a Bene Gesserit. Dr. Yueh hates the Harkonnens with a passion, something Jessica picks up on at Arrakis. Dr. Yueh betrays Duke Leto and causes his death on Arrakis. He does arrange for Paul and Jessica to escape with the ducal signet ring.

Yueh gets enough scenes in Lynch to establish his love and care for both Paul and Jessica, his integration in the team. His hatred for the Harkonnens also comes out strongly. His diamond tattoo is there - but the drooping moustache and long, black hair with ring are completely missing! He's also not quite thin enough.

Yueh tells Jessica about his wife

Yueh and Thufir come to talk to Paul

YUEH IN SCI-FI DUNE For some reason, even though they had much more time to work with, they really gave Dr. Yueh the short life here. Instead of there being mystery about what Yueh is up to and his hatred of the Harkonnen, there's even a scene where Jessica says they're helping him find his wife.

Plus his tattoo is gone, his hair is gone, they completely got his entire physical appearance wrong.

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