Thufir Hawat
Frank Herbert's Dune

Thufir Hawat was the mentat for the Atreides and helped train Paul to become a mentat. He is old, having served Duke Leto's father. His left leg was injured in those years. Paul describes his eyes in the first meeting scene as being "two pools of alertness in a dark and deeply seamed face."

Thufir is unsure of Paul's "witch-mother" and easily believes her to be the traitor when trouble brews on Arrakis. Jessica comments of Thufir, "where Thufir Hawat goes, death and deceit follow," hoping that this at least will keep them alive.

At the first troop meeting, Paul is "suddenly conscious of the Mentat's great age, aware that the old man had served three generations of Atreides. Aged. It showed in the rheumy shine of the brow and eyes, in the cheeks racked and burned by exotic weathers, in the rounded curve of the shoulders and the thin set of his lips with the cranberry-colored stain of sapho juice."

Thufir is captured by the Harkonnens on Atreides and becomes their mentat for a while, thinking Paul is dead.

At the end of Dune Thufir dies at Paul's feet in the final scene from a poison administered to him by the Harkonnens.

His big-eyebrows are pretty evident, a strange concoction. He is properly stolid during the first fight Paul goes through. When captured, he is tortured by them and they boast about the poison in him. That's not right at all! And at the end he is "there" at the final scene but doesn't talk to Paul. So they even remove his great death-scene. They really minimized him in this one.

I don't know, don't either of these guys realize how important Thufir was, and how his mentat training is part of what makes Paul so unique, since Paul was also trained to be a mentat? Don't they see the whole logical-mind vs the faith-mind of the BG? Again in SciFi Thufir is shuffled off into a corner, no meaning. I guess the interplays of Thufir's scenes were just too subtle for them to get across to audiences?

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