Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV
Frank Herbert's Dune

Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV is the ruler at the start of the Dune series. He married the bene gesserit Anuril and had five daughters. In the first book he is 72 but looks 35 due to the spice. He appears in public in a Sardaukar uniform with a black helmet with a gold lion. Near the end of the book when the Baron meets him, the Baron thinks he is a "slim, elegant figurein a gray Sardaukar uniform with silver and gold trim. His thin face and cold eyes reminded the Baron of the Duke Leto long dead. There was that same look of the predatory bird. But the Emperor's hair was red, not black, and most of that hair was concealed by a Buseg's ebon helmet with the Imperial crest in gold upon its crown."

His oldest, Princess Irulan, married Paul Atreides at the end of Dune. His middle daughter, Princess Wensicia, plotted against Paul in later books.

Jose Ferrer is a world-renowned actor and did very well with the Emperor. The Emperor thinks his power is absolute and has troubles coming to grips with the Guild telling him what to do - and an upstart from a desert planet threatening his control. He doesn't have red hair though, and fails to wear the military uniform with helmet as the book always describes.

His Imperial Court is full of intricate detail, from the elegant throne to the thousands of details on the walls. No expense has been spared for his gold-lion court.

Princess Irulan

Irulan and her dad

The Feared Imperial Sardaukar

Note that at the end of the movie there's no hint at all that Irulan will marry Paul. They watch Feyd get killed and then somehow it rains ...

OK, if Lynch was bad, Sci-Fi was far worse. Not only is Shaddam not wearing the uniform - now he's in soft fuzzy purples and blues, and completely soft!! What happened to the symbols of his power? Not only that, but his petulant daughter Irulan comes in yelling at him. She's supposed to be VERY POLITICALLY WISE. Instead she's like a 12 year old whose "My Little Pony" was taken away and she's stomping her feet.

His Sardaukar have floppy hats and whine around when Irulan doesn't follow orders. That's not their way of acting at all. They're well trained and viscious.


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