Piter De Vries
Frank Herbert's Dune

Piter De Vries is the mentat-assassin for Baron Vladamir Harkonnen. He was addicted to spice and enjoyed harming and killing others. His eyes were the blue-within-blue that marks all addicted to spice. Jessica describes him as "tall, slender, with something suggesting effeminancy." She says he has hawk features and blue-ink eyes. Piter planned the Atreides trap on Arrakis in return for the gift of Lady Jessica. He dies when Duke Leto releases a poison aimed at Baron Harkonnen.

I'm not quite sure what was up with the bushy eyebrows on both mentats in this movie. I don't think Piter was really effeminate. He looks "strange" instead of "a hawk with feminine features". He's a bit pedantic at the beginning too. Still, he shows his mentat skill (with the invented quote tossed in) and does show his desire for Jessica when he encounters her.

Piter is better in this version, I suppose. His look is closer to the book and his desire for Jessica is still there.

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