Princess Irulan Corrino
Frank Herbert's Dune

Princess Irulan Corrino is the oldest daughter of the Emperor in the Dune series, brought up with BG training and trained to become the Empress after his death. Her entire training has been to give her the political skills and intellect necessary to be an efficient ruler. She is regal and beautiful, and incredibly literate.

Irulan shows up very little in this version. She is there at the beginning, and obeys immediately when asked by her father to leave the room. Later, she watches maturely as Paul and Feyd fight - and understands immediately the political importance of pairing with Paul to preserve control afterwards.

Princess Irulan

Irulan and her dad

I don't mind Irulan having a larger role. I'm all for females having a strong role in movies. But Irulan had a very explicit personality in the book. She is intelligent, strong, mature, politically savvy and understands history EXTREMELY well. In the book, she's a petulant, whiny brat. She pouts because she was sent to Arrakis - even though the 'real' Irulan would have understood that completely! She sneaks around in court and somehow the most important BG in the world was so clouded that she didn't even notice.

Very, very annoying. While the Feyd-seduction-scene was interesting from a 'teen porn' sort of angle, it wasn't in the book. Inventing scenes so sex can be included in a story is pretty shoddy.

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