Fremen and Sandworms
Frank Herbert's Dune

The primary concern on Dune is Water. Water is the key to life. Everything done is with full consciousness of water. Windows and doors have airlocks. Going out requires a stillsuit and people marvel when they can wear non-stillsuit clothing.

Sandworms are huge ring-segemented creatures, their mouths chock-full of sharp teeth which are made into crysknives.

Thopters, the main form of air transportation, are supposed to have moving wings, like birds.

He did a great job with the stillsuits and with the attention to water-detail. The stillsuits looked like real, Fremen-tested pieces of equipment that a man could depend on his life for. The thopters were pretty bad. The sandworms were reasonable, looking like a sandworm should.



Thopter (no moving parts)

Sandworm eating the harvester


The stillsuits were jokes. The Fremen way is to test everything until it fails. Those stillsuits would have failed on a beach, never mind on the deep desert. The thopters were equally bad. Nobody read the book before designing them. The sandworms were awfully carnivorous. They went after the thopter in the air? And their teeth are supposed to be blades. These teeth are not bladey. Liet is good in this one though - a good balance of Fremen naturalism and his elite Empire background which the book makes sure is very obvious.


Sandworm chasing a Thopter

Thopter Wannabe

Arrakis is a bit Egyptian

Liet and Jessica

Fremen in their Lounge Wear

The Sayyadina

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