Thufir Hawat
Frank Herbert's Dune

Trained by House Ginaz to be a master swordmaster, Duncan Idaho was considered one of the finest ever. He worked for Duke Leto Atreides and was respected for his fierce loyalty. He was sent ahead to Arrakis in part to impress the Fremen with the moral standing of the Atreides men.

He first shows up in the book when he breaks in on the staff meeting on Arrakis, bringing Stilgar with him. At it, "Paul studied Idaho, marking the feline movements, the swiftness of reflex that made him such a difficult weapons teacher to emulate." When Jessica later sees Idaho carried in drunk, she notes his "hair, curling like the fur of a black goat."

Duncan Idaho helped Paul escape the Harkonnen attack and was with him as a guard while Paul met with Liet. He died in the sandy cave while holding off a Harkonnen attack.

The Bene Tleilax then built many ghola of Duncan for various purposes.

Duncan Idaho character because he's both very important but also has hardly any time in the book. He shows up in the story on Arrakis, goes off to the Fremen, comes back and dies. In the movie they gave him some extra moments by showing him leaving for Arrakis. He dies in the castle while Paul watches. Since they don't ever really describe Duncan you could say anything goes. But he's supposed to be an incredibly swordsman, feline movements, curly black goat fur for hair. I don't think they got him quite right here.

Even with the longer running time, Duncan gets pretty much no air time. Which is a shame. He's a bit better matched in this version but still not quite right. Curly Black Hair! Is this that hard? And again his feline-incredible-sword-skills are pretty much missing completely. To top it off, he's supposed to die in hand-to-hand combat defending Paul. Instead, he says "you go without me Paul, I'm staying with the Fremen" and then is blasted by a long distance rocket. Hardly the right death for the greatest swordsman ever.

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