Chani Atreides
Frank Herbert's Dune

Chani was the daughter of Liet-Kynes and Falra, a Fremen. Stilgar was Chani's uncle. Chani fell in love with Paul Atreides and ended up being his consort, bearing him first a son, Leto II (who is killed) and then twin children.

When Paul first meets her, he recognizes her from his dreams. He sees the "elfin face, black pits of eyes." She "moves like a gazelle."

Chani is played by Sean Young, who does a good job of mixing the love for Paul with the rough, strong training of the Fremen. Right from the start she is sure of herself and willing to stand up for her tribe. They don't mention her BG side, and somehow she is involved with helping Paul take the water of life.

I think they did an excellent job with her looks. She's only described as "elfin" and a mountain goat type in the book. One who can defeat those who come to challenge Paul. They have her fierce and proud in her "public" scenes, but very soft and beautiful in her private scenes with Paul.

The famous "Usul" scene

Elfin?? She's more like a Ukrainian Farmer woman, especially when she's naked. She's supposed to be a slim, trim mountain goat. I think they chose her for her big breasts because part of the allure of this movie for the teen-set is that it's pretty much teen-porn with young hairless men and young teenage naked women.

I do like the way they have her looking at her father's garden while asking Usul of his homeworld. That was a well done touch.

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