Frank Herbert:
Children of Dune

I've been a fan of Dune for as long as I can remember. It was a book series I avidly enjoyed while growing up, and its thoughts on enviromentalism and how long, small changes can make a big difference have always stuck with me.

Come explore the world of Dune, with its myriad of meanings and layers.

The World of Dune
Lisa's On Line Dune Encyclopedia
Duke Leto Atreides
Lady Jessica Atreides
Paul Atreides
Thufir Hawat
Gurney Halleck
Dr. Wellington Yueh
Duncan Idaho
Baron Harkonnen
Reverend Mother Gaius
Chani Atreides
Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV
Princess Irulan
Feyd-Fautha Rabban
Piter De Vries
Fremen and Sandworms

The Dune Book Series by Frank Herbert
Dune (1965)

Dune in Movies and TV
Dune - David Lynch (1984)
Dune - the SciFi Miniseries (2000)
Children of Dune - the SciFi Miniseries (2003)

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