Quest Idea - The Kidnapped Daughter

A wealthy lord will give anything back to rescue his only daughter, who has been stolen away by bandits. Can the players rescue the fair maiden in distress?

The players hear in their travels that a wealthy noble needs help. They find the noble and he explains that his daughter was kidnapped by local bandits, and that he hasn't yet heard the ransom demands. He wants his daughter rescued - he doesn't trust the bandits to return the girl even if he pays what they want. He offers a reward commensurate with the group's experience.

The players learn by asking around that the Clan of the Wolf is a bandit group operating outside of town, waylaying travellers and merchant groups. The townsfolk would be quite happy to have this menace taken care of and the merchant's guild even offers to pay an additional reward along with what the father has offered.

The players track down the bandits to an abandoned millhouse located about a day's travel from town. The bandits are not much in the mood for talking, and the players can either kill them outright or try to get them to submit and reveal the girl's whereabouts. The bandits are at first argumentative but eventually when beaten (assuming the players leave any alive to talk) claim they don't have the girl. There would be a good amount of treasure in the bandit's lair, and the merchant guild will pay for their defeat regardless of the state of the girl.

Amongst the bandits loot is a broach that the girl's father identifies as belonging to her. Any bandits who are left alive (and have been convinced to cooperate) will now admit to remembering waylaying a man and woman travelling north out of town on the night the father says she disappears. The couple did not have much of value, only that broach. The bandits let the couple go on their way. The bandits describe the man.

The father insists she was kidnapped, but others in town will recognize the man's description as being a local farmboy who was best friends with the wealthy girl. It is now up to the party to either go after the couple and drag the girl back (unwillingly) to her father for the reward, or find them to make sure she is ok (she is), or to tell the father to accept his daughter's choice.

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