Water and Ice Riddles for Gamers

If your adventure requires the players to interact with water or ice, here are some riddles for them to solve to achieve their objectives.

Test yourself out first by trying to answer these riddles yourself - then scroll down for the answers. Be sure to use riddles appropriate to the age of your players, so they have a chance of answering them properly!

1. What kind of a bank holds no money?
2. What gets wet when it dries?
3. What three letters mean Stiff Water?
4. What can hold water even though it is full of holes?
5. What lives in the winter, dies in the summer, and grows upside down?
6. What goes into the water red and comes out black?
7. A barrel of water weighs 10 pounds. What do you add to the barrel to make it weigh 5 pounds?
8. Two barrels are side by side, one with wine, the other with water. You take a cup from the water barrel and pour the water into the wine. Now you take a cup from the wine barrel and pour it into the water. Is there more water in the wine barrel, or wine in the water barrel?
9. You have 2 glasses of water. How can you put the water from both glasses into a barrel and still tell them apart, without using glasses or dividers?
10. A boat in a pond has a 10' ladder hanging over its side. Only 1' of ladder is currently underwater. It begins to rain at a rate of a foot of rain every 2 hours. How long until the ladder is half covered?



1. A river bank
2. A towel
3. Ice
4. A sponge
5. An icicle
6. A red-hot piece of iron
7. A hole halfway down its side.
8. There would be more wine in the water, because the wine added was not diluted. The water added back in was not 100% water.
9. Freeze the water from both glasses then put the two ice blocks into the barrel.
10. The boat will rise on the surface of the pond - the ladder will never get further underwater.

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