Candle Making - Tips and Photos for Candlemaking

I adore making candles. I have made candles for many years now, and it is great to give these out as presents to family and friends! Here are my step by step instructions with photos about how I've made candles over the years.

This is an AWESOME way for someone to make money from home. Wax is fairly inexpensive and you can even melt down old candles you already have around the house. Molds can be used and reused for infinity. The only issue to consider here is the liability. If you actually SELL candles to people, you could be liable if they burn their house down with your candle. It is definitely worth looking into getting business insurance.

Candlemaking Basics
Melting Wax in a Crockpot
Using a Candle Mold
Using a Two Part Candle Mold

Candlemaking Issues
Candle Wax Ripples
Candle Wax Seams

Candles and Gift Giving
Candle Holder Decorating