Fantasy Book Reviews

I love stories of fantasy - both the fairy style of fantasy that involves a suspension of disbelief, as well as the medieval romance fantasy where women were more than milkmaids and men swore oaths of honor that they stood by.

The Cyberiad - Stanislaw Lem
Eragon - Christopher Paolini
The Fairy Godmother - Mercedes Lackey
Ranger's Apprentice Book One - The Ruins of Gorlan

Saram McKerrigan / Glynnis Campbell
trilogy about sisters
Lady Danger - Sarah McKerrigan (swordwoman)
Captive Heart - Sarah McKerrigan (swordwoman)
Knight's Prize - Sarah McKerrigan (swordwoman)

trilogy about brothers
My Champion - Glynnis Campbell
My Warrior - Glynnis Campbell (swordwoman)
My Hero - Glynnis Campbell

standalone novels
A Knight's Vow - Glynnis Campbell
Passion's Exile - Glynnis Campbell
Danger's Kiss - Sarah McKerrigan (knife woman)

Random Romances
The Wolf and The Dove - Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
A Knight Like No Other - Jocelyn Kelley
Someone to Love - Jude Devereaux
Highland Savage - Hannah Howell
The Warrior Trainer - Gerri Russell

Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby - Allyson Beatrice

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