Bookmarks for Books

It's pretty funny that in modern times the word bookmarks often means computer links to your favorite places. For hundreds of years, bookmarks were physical pieces of paper that helped you keep track of where you were in the book you were reading. You would think that you could use anything - an old receipt, a scrap of paper, a spare tissue. Hopefully you would never do something damaging like put the book open-side-down on the table, or dog-ear a page!

But for some reason, having a lovely bookmark really adds to the book reading experience. That seems especially true when it's a book you love and adore, that you read over and over again. I really enjoy making beautiful bookmarks - and judging by how quickly my friends and family snap them up, other people love using them! I've made bookmarks from a variety of materials, and each style has its own attraction.

If you run your own business, these are MUCH better than business cards. Simply stamp your business information on the back. This is an item that will be kept and treasured!

Here are a collection of paper bookmarks for you to peruse and enjoy! Many of them can be downloaded for free for you to enjoy, while others are step by step instructions for you to create a work of art for yourself and your friends. Let me know if you have any bookmark ideas for me to try!

Downloadable Bookmarks
Origami Crane Bookmark

Making Bookmarks
Making a Laminated Bookmark - step by step instructions

Sample Bookmarks
2008 BellaOnline Bookmarks
2009 BellaOnline Bookmarks
Origami Paper Bookmarks

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