Mr. Robert Martin

Mr. Robert Martin is the man that Harriet Smith has fallen in love with. He is a simple farmer but an intelligent, hard working one. Multiple characters in the story praise Mr. Martin for his wisdom and suitability. Emma is the one who sees him only as "a farmer" and who feels her friend Harriet can do far better in a match. Emma deliberately pushes Harriet away from Robert many times, even though Harriet clearly loves him.

1996 Emma
Mr. Martin is shown as an affable young man, gently friendly, sweetly shy. You can see why Harriet has fallen for him. You also get the sense that he does care greatly for Harriet and is willing to keep befriending her even after he is turned down. In this image Harriet is on the left, Emma in the center, and Robert on the right.

Mr. Robert Martin

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