Mr. Woodhouse

Emma's father, Mr. Woodhouse, is primarily a "holding back" character in the story. Emma loves him dearly and therefore won't marry, won't leave home, she just wants to stay with him and take care of him. Even in the end of the story when she wants to get married, she refuses to leave her house. Her new husband has to come live with her and her father there.

Mr. Woodhouse dotes on his daughter, likes his routine and likes to stay at home. He has his cozy library, his glass of port, his warm fire, and he likes it that way. He is affable and enjoys his quiet life. He doesn't see why things should ever change.

1996 Emma
Mr. Woodhouse is aging but not absent-minded. He likes his routine, likes his port, and is content with his life. His other daughter is married and having kids, so it's fine by him that Emma stays home with him to keep him company all day long.

Mr Woodhouse

In this image Mr. Woodhouse is on the left, with Mrs. Elton in the center and Emma on the right.

Mr Woodhouse

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