Mrs Elton

Mrs Elton is a tough character. She only shows up partway through the story, when Mr. Elton runs off to Bath after being refused by Emma. He promptly finds a rich wife and comes home to show her off, to prove to the area that he can get himself a good wife.

Mrs. Elton is supposed to be entirely unsympathetic - rich, stuck up, an awful match for Mr. Elton. She definitely does have her flaws. You can see that she was raised as a spoiled member of a rich household. She's been taught how to behave - for example when she arrives at Emma's house she praises it as being rich and nice. She doesn't boast directly about her own talents - she'll say "my friends say I am quite talented at the piano." She actively wants to help Jane and finds a good job for her. But her spoiled, rough edges tend to really irritate the locals.

1996 Emma
Mrs. Elton is clearly very rich, her clothes are more fine than anyone else in the area. She does do her best to try to fit in, offering to start up a musical club, offering to help Jane find work, praising Emma's home. It just doesn't work though. People find her pretentious and intrusive.

Mrs Elton

At the final wedding they have Mrs. Elton make a snarky comment about the "not quite elegant" wedding dress.

Mrs Elton

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