Mr. Knightley

Usually in an Austen story people have flaws and good traits in a balance. Mr. Knightley is one of those "shining paragon" characters that seems to be flawless. He has been in essence an uncle to Emma for her entire life - he was sixteen when she was born and watched over her while she grew up. As soon as she hits puberty it appears he wants to get his hands on her :) A bit creepy. But that really is his only flaw. He is generally patient, kind, caring towards others, and is honest in his reproofs of Emma when she crosses the line and hurts others.

1996 Emma
Knightley is tall, dark, handsome, gentle, caring. In other versions he can seem a bit harsh at times, but here they give him context even in the most "open scolding" at the summer picnic scene. He really does care about Emma, doesn't want to hurt her, but wants her to realize she's gone too far in deeply hurting another member of the community.

I love the proposal scene, how nervous he is about "changing" the relationship that is so precious to him.

This is him first entering the library at Emma's house.

Mr Knightley

I love archery scenes, they have so many connotations of "hitting the point" and "having good aim" and so on. This same type of scene was used brilliantly in one of the early film versions of Pride & Prejudice. This has Emma on the left and Knightley on the right.

Mr Knightley

This is a great scene too, with the fish bowls! Mrs. Weston is on the left, Knightley in the center, and Emma on the right.

Mr Knightley

Knightly and Emma again.

Mr Knightley

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