Jane Fairfax

Jane Fairfax is a newcomer to the little town, although she has been much talked about in her weekly letters to the Bates family. She is mostly of interest to the townsfolk because she knows about the elusive Frank Churchill, although she won't say much. Emma becomes very jealous of Jane when she arrives because suddenly Jane, not Emma, is becoming the center of attention. It gets even worse when it appears Knightley is taking an interest in Jane. It turns out that Frank and Jane have been secretly engaged for some time and had to hide their feelings.

1996 Emma
Again they do a great job in this version to humanize the characters. In the book Jane is very roughly treated by Frank and even put down a fair amount. Here Frank is much sweeter, they focus on the couple singing together, on his pleasure at giving Jane the piano. Frank's flirtations with Emma are very minor. So Jane doesn't have to "forebear" much antagonistic dialogue in this version.

Jane Fairfax Here Mrs Elton (on the left) is trying to "watch over" Jane (on the right).

Jane Fairfax

At the party with Frank, Jane is glowingly beautiful. I have to say she's a little TOO nicely dressed given she's a relatively poor working woman at the time.

Jane Fairfax

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