Bates Home

Mrs and Miss Bates were once wealthy women - but some twist of fate has brought them low and will make them even lower in the years to come as their income depletes. They now live in a small apartment in the center of town. It is not a "hovel" by any means - but it is not nearly as elegant as the Woodhouse home.

1996 Emma
They show Emma knocking on a multi-family home door in the center of town and going up to the upper floor where the Bates family apparently has a main sitting room plus two bedrooms. The room is nicely kept, but with only simple furnishings.

In this image Jane Fairfax is on the left, then Mrs Bates, then Miss Bates on the right.

Bates Home

In this next image Emma is on the far left, then Miss Bates (her back to us), then Harriet and Mrs Bates.

Bates Home

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