Lisa's Origami ATC Gallery

Welcome to my Artist Trading Card gallery! My name is Lisa Shea and I have been fascinated by origami since I was quite young. Origami is a paper folding tradition dating back over a thousand years, with its roots in Japanese and Chinese culture. Each origami shape has its own significance.

Here are my Artist Trading Cards on the themes of origami. Click on any card to learn more details about it, and to check on availability. All cards are limited to releases of 25. The first release (1/25) of each ATC is provided with the origami I folded as its source.


Hina Dolls


Blue Bird

Candy Dish

Nesting Crane

Swan - Day

Swan - Night


If you are an artist and wish to swap ATCs with me, please email me with the details. I am willing to send anywhere in the world.