asp is fun

Hi! My name is Lisa, and I've been a database developer and coder since 1987. I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that had "internet" access since the early 70s, so some of my earliest memories are of programming basic games on a tiny thermal-paper terminal with acoustic couplings to stick a phone into. Ah, those were the days.

Nowadays we have blisteringly-fast cable modems and machines that have more memory than we used to have on our hard drives. And ASP is one of the most amazing software languages you can use. With it you can create automatic headers and footers that all of your pages share, create counters, mail forms, automatically updating inventory pages, quizzes, polls, and much, much more.

Come on in and learn!

FREE ASP Code Samples and Projects

Sending Mail with ASP
One of the most common functional uses of ASP is to use it to send mail.

Inserting Into a Database
The only unhappy student I have ever had on this site was trying to insert data into a message board database for a homework assignment. Here is what she was trying to do. Hopefully it should be obvious to you why it failed!

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