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The Merovingian Kings - Mary Magdalene

I originally did research on the Merovingian Kings when writing about the Matrix - Bible connections. You can Read my Matrix Notes Here. Merovingian is the name of the 'power man' in the Matrix series, the one with the sexy wife, Perseophone. It was no accident that the Matrix featured the Merovingian name and background in their series, because most of the movie had very strong Biblical references.

The Merovingian Kings were rulers in what is now France from 481 through 752. In history, the Merovingians were a dynasty in what is now France, which was at the time called the Frankish area. The name was given to them because of Merovius (also known as Merovech), who began the family, and who attained near mythical status with his skills and feats. His descendants all proudly called themselves Merovingians.

The Merovingians were thrown out of power by the Pope in 751 with the "Donation of Constantine" - where they were called pagans and renounced. The Pope feared their power and replaced them with the Carolingian dynasty, of which Charlemagne was a member. Still, they worked on in secret, claiming to have direct bloodlines to Jesus Christ (through Mary Magdalene, his lover) and wanting to redeem themselves. They felt the Papacy had become a refuge for thieves and liars, and that it fattened itself on the profits it made from the poor. The Merovingians wanted to return Christianity to its for-the-people roots.

The Knights Templar and Freemasons, who came from the same background, continued to work towards freeing the "real people" from the bureaucracy and control of the established Catholic church, and to allow the power of the Messiah to help and touch the people.

The Merovingian family is famous for their connections with the Knights Templar, and the Search for the Holy Grail. It was even said that Merovius' ancestors came from Atlantis, and were from the stock of a race of very intelligent, powerful, caring people. Merovius (the historical ruler) claimed to have documented that he was descended from Jesus and Mary. Of course that documentation was never shown or saved :)

Little is actually known about Merovius, and many Pagan god attributes somehow got assigned to Merovius' history. Gregory of Tours (538-594) was the Bishop of Tours and wrote about Merovius in his "History of the Franks". Note that Gregory was writing this history a full 100 or more years after it happened. Gregory claims that Merovius was the child of Chlodio the Longhair, who was a chief of a Frankish tribe. Merovius claimed both Chlodio and a "sea monster" as being his dual fathers. The sea monster was part of the pagan legend. Note that because Chlodio had long hair, his sons all wore long hair as well and felt it gave them power. Sampson, anyone? Chlodio's (426-447) claim to fame is that he wrestled control of Cambrai back from the Roman guards there.

Gregory says that Chlodio's father was Pharamond, who lived in the early 400s. Pharamond is usually listed as the "first" leader of the Salian Franks, and came from the Germany region. Pharamond's legacy is that he pushed towards France over the Rhine river valley to extend his control. However, historians are not sure if these connections are true or myths. Nothing is known about Pharamond's parentage.

So in any case, there is no proof that Merovius was at all related to Mary. Heck, there's no proof that Merovius was fathered by a sea monster either. There's no proof where Mary went after the crucifixion. The Merovians were claiming links to pagan gods, to sea monsters, and to Mary at various times in their careers. They really seemed to be after power and wanted to justify it in whatever language suited the moment.

Again, to reiterate, there IS no documentation linking Mary to ANYONE. The Merovingians claimed that they came from Mary's bloodline - but they also claimed they came from Atlantis and from sea creatures at other times. The earliest known Merovingian king was back in the 400s - nothing at all is known or documented about his parentage.

Merovius' Line
Merovius had a child, Childeric I. Childeric is much more documented historically. That's because Chidleric took over Gaul in 456 when the Romans were good at documenting things. It's also because Childeric wasn't a very nice guy. He kept using royal powers to get his hands on the young maidens in his kingdom, and the parents became furious with him and kicked him out. Childeric managed to regain power, and run off with the wife of a friend of his. He had a son with her, Clovis, and died in 481.

Clovis fought many wars, married Clotilda in 493, and was baptized. He became the first "Christian" ruler of this area. He died in 511.

Note that this line goes down through generations to Charlemagne, the famous King of the Franks, born in 747. From Charlemagne is goes down through more generations to Eleanor of Acquitaine who married Henry II, King of England.

Also note that the Merovingians INVADED Paris in the 500s, but they most certainly did not FOUND it as claimed in Da Vinci Code :) Paris was first a village named Lutetia Parisiorum and then the Romans came in and turned it into a city. Which the Merovingians took over.

From a Visitor -
One Question though. Is the description of the Grail and the the contents (i.e.Tomb of Mary m, and historical documents to prove blood line.) based on fact or was it poetic licence by Dan Brown. I am very intrigued with this line of knowledge, and would like to learn more

My Response -
There are no historic documents from that time that say anything about Pharamond's parents. So any claims of information about his parents were invented after the fact. If anybody does know of documents saying ANYTHING about who Pharamond's parents were that are HISTORICALLY MEANINGFUL, they would become world famous, as it is something many people are curious about.

From a Visitor -
You state (repeatedly) that there is NO documentation linking anyone to Mary M. In light of the 'spirit of conspiracy' shouldn't that be "there is no KNOWN documentation ..." ;-)

My Response -
Actually what I say repeatedly is that there is no proof, which means "known facts" :) It's like saying that until recently we had no proof that Mary M ever wrote a gospel. That is true. Now we have found some proof and that situation has been remedied. Sure, the truth could exist out there somewhere. Or it could not exist in any documentation anywhere, found or unfound. Right now we have theories, and maybe someday we'll have proof. Or maybe someday we won't. Only time will tell. But given how human beings love to research and trumpet their claims. I find it REALLY hard to believe that someone knows something about the parentage of the Merovingian kings and has somehow kept it hidden all these years - when many of those very kings were VERY very eager to prove their ties to the Mary M line. Of course if we just knew where the body of Mary was buried, maybe we could do DNA testing and settle it pretty easily. With Jesus having "no body" and his father being a mystical spirit, the only DNA we could test would be Mary's.

From a Visitor -
One of your lines stated that there was no information anywhere to support the view that the Merovingians (did I spell that right?) came from Mary M. Could it be possible that we haven't been given all the information if there really is a group that prays to her? It may be a little too conspiracy theory, but I never rule out anything I can't prove by being there myself.

My Response -
Lots of groups pray to Mary!! That doesn't involve secret information. The Merovingians and many after them would have LOVED to have proven their claims of relations. You really would think if they were so gung-ho to prove this relationship and if ANY proof had existed anywhere that they would have gotten it, being the kids (grandkids etc). If *they* couldn't produce this proof, I find it unlikely that some other people had it and were somehow keeping it from them. Those Merovingians were pretty powerful people. Who knows, some documents could still exist somewhere in the world. Heck, we just found those gnostic gospels in a jar in Egypt after how many thousands of years. But it becomes less and less likely as time goes by.

From a Visitor -
A number of legends associate the Merovingian kings with the royal bloodline of Jesus and Magdalene. One of their myths is that the ancestress of the Merovingians was a mermaid and another says that the mother of Merovee' was impregnated by a sea monster. In each of these myths, the prevailing kernel of truth seems to be that this ancestry is "half man, half fish." Since Christ was known to early Christians as the "ICHTHYS" and Mary Magdalene was identified with the shape known as the "Vessel of the Fish".

My Response -
Yes definitely that is one way to interpret the legends :)


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